Buying A Home

Elite Buying Services

Buying a home is likely one of your most significant life purchases, something you don’t want to take a chance with. Working with The Keagy Team, you’ll be supported by a high-achieving group of true professionals with priceless knowledge about the local market, as well as important insights into factors affecting your purchase that you may overlook. We’re determined to help you get your dream home at the best possible value.

Consistent Assistance

We’ve created a system that ensures you’re always kept in-the-loop with what’s happening with your buying plan. We believe in transparency and informative guidance—we want you to know exactly what our methods are, while understanding the “why?” behind them. During your buying experience, there will always be a team member available to answer your questions every step of the way.

Your market advantage

We’ve perfected our process over 25 years spent helping buyers find and secure prime real estate opportunities. In ten years, we’ve experienced a lot. Sellers’ markets, buyers’ markets, balanced markets, and virtually every buying scenario you can imagine. We’ve persevered through every change and challenge as a top-performing team, consistently delivering the greatest results for our clients.

We’ll help you uncover value others may overlook, whether it’s the investment potential of a property, location benefits, or remodeling opportunities that can transform a modest house into the home of your dreams. We quickly identify and expertly strategize every possibility available to ensure you end up in a home you love, while protecting your interests and maximizing value.

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Our Buying Approach

We go beyond the transaction to deliver personalized, holistic buying services that instill confidence and peace of mind. This means clearly interpreting the market, explaining the buying journey and what it looks like for you specifically, and breaking down the financial requirements so you can make an informed decision.

We’ll walk you through our comprehensive buyer’s presentation which explains every step in the process so you feel confident from the beginning. Buying a house isn’t just about looking at shiny new things—it’s about understanding the finer details that cannot be over looked.

Because of our local market longevity, we’re able to connect you with the best professionals in the business to facilitate all areas of your purchase, including highly experienced mortgage brokers who embody the same client care philosophy as The Keagy Team. Our experts will ensure you secure the best possible financing for your mortgage and financial wellness.